Will do.

I wasn’t going to risk not seeing him last weekend so I drove 300km to visit him.

The river

I got there quite late..well around 4pm and he wasn’t quite ready for me.

Thus did some wandering and then groceries and headed to the farm.

It’s a grain farm..50% gets exported. Lentil to India etc, no sheep around. My little car.

Old truck

Our living quarters. Fire to keep warm. Coal then get transferred to the round thingy for camp oven cooking.

Another old Ute. Work horse. It still runs and is used to go collect firewood for the fire.

The two caravans provide sleeping quarters. Where the window is ? The sink is multipurpose , used to scrub hands, shave and brush teeth. It’s cold water though brrrrrrrrr.

We showered in his friend’s caravan. The one furthest away from the window.

The shed is a shearing shed! When the rain comes you can smell the sheep.

I was on kitchen duties. You can see all the sauces I brought from home and my red rice cooker.

The kitchen was adequate.

Would have loved hot running water and a stove that works. These ones took forever to warm up so much so it’s like using an oven. Have to preheat 10-20 minutes first.

I’m never going to whinge about my kitchen ever again. I’m thankful for my gas stove. I’m thankful for hot running water.

Farming life is hard. If the crop doesn’t take kiss your 100K good bye.

Once they are in the ground then you need to pray hard for rain. I don’t envy our farmers.