I’m still posting the old fashion way.

Early morning on Monday we got up and went mountain climbing.

Horsham is a city near the Grampians.

You can see how big the park is. We only visit briefly the northern edge. Well one climb and the shortest climb as he had to go to work.

On the way up.

The sun coming up.

Nearly there.

The views are spectacular once you’re there. Worth the near an hour climb. Took us an hour 40 round trip.

We had our break and fruit there. A banana and mandarin each. He also took a selfie of both of us.

On the way back down we got lost for a few minutes. Was trying to get back before the rain. It was really windy and well we lost focus and missed a yellow marker.

So we back tracked to the last seen one. It’s very easy to get lost if you lose sight of the markers.

It’s not bad a climb. Needs reasonable fitness and well gripped shoes.

Some of the rocks

We both managed to squeeze through this clambering down.

The board at the picnic ground depicting the walks that you can do.

His friend’s place is about 10 minutes drive from there.

Halls Gap is where most people go as it’s a picturesque town. Where as Horsham is a regional city on way through to Adelaide.

When hiking I think I want Mr Wanderer by my side. He’s great at it. Not only was he observant he gave me a hand whenever the going got rough.

Afterwards I thanked him for the walk. He was like thank you for making it out alive.

The more trips we do the more we grow closer.

This weekend we are off again. He’s going to take off tomorrow up north to see clients in Euroa and Yackandandah and I’ll follow him on Saturday by train.

I’ll meet him in Wodonga around mid morning catching the earliest train there.

It’s a long weekend here to celebrate Queen’s Birthday. And I’d hate to drive 3.5 hours in traffic. The train will take about the same time.

Euroa is the first pin and Yackandandah is the second pin. From there on to Wodonga is a 24 minutes drive near the border.

Then from Wodonga we will travel on to stay at his mate’s place.

That way he doesn’t have to worry about where to leave the caravan as he can’t have it in tow to meet clients. He was hoping I was coming with him tomorrow so I can look after the caravan. And it gives me a chance to explore the little towns on the way whilst he’s at his meetings.

Silly me already swapped my days thinking we will stay longer in Horsham. Oh well.