More on Horsham. I was quite disappointed to find the town hall so modern.

I went wandering as the guys had to work. The central area took an hour to explore as I’d already saw the river the other day.

Loved this mosaic.

By the art centre.

The institute. We’ve got one in Melbourne too. A specialist library. Usually to do with history.

Their theatre.

Post Office bell.

One of the old buildings I could find.

Another church. Not sure what the blue light is? I only saw it now as I was posting.

More art work. This one depicts the landscape of the region.

The temple. Was surprised to see it here in a regional city.

Sent Mr Wanderer this one as it looked cool. It’s a Uniting Church.

I finished with a steak and pepper pie from Conways. It was comforting on a freezing day. Trick is to eat it without the insides falling out.

After that I went to grab groceries to make fried rice for dinner.

After kitchen duties was done I relaxed by the fire with my lovey dovey novel.

I was pretty much by myself on the 1000 acres farm for that afternoon whilst waiting for Mr Wanderer.