It’s where we spent our night.

I don’t think I took that many photos

It’s a cute little town on way to the high country. Since I had around 2 hours to spare and well the main strip was tiny with half the shops closed I decided to go for a walk to the gorge.

The trees with their Autumn colours. I’m surprised as it’s June. I guess Winter came late this year.

The creek

The walking track leads to the gorge.

I had trouble finding it as it wasn’t on the main track. You have to veer right into a smaller track. Silly me walking in a strange town got scared and didn’t make the turn off.

After about 100 metres or so I turned back and luckily found a local couple running towards me and thus asked for directions.

The asked me to follow them . The gorge was a 5 minutes walk away once we made the turn off.

We stayed overnight in a motel.

Mr Wanderer booked. The owner was great. They had left the door unlocked with the split system turned on to warm up the room. The room was comfy and all the conveniences for $120 for the night.

He also booked a table at the local pub for dinner. We ate pub grub, pizza and schnitzel. And a bottle of wine to accompany the meal.

The schnitzel was okie. Loved their pizza. We shared a sausage , mushroom and whatever else pizza. It was delish.

He still surprises me. I teased him all the time for being a flufferer but when push comes to shove he can be quite efficient.

On the way back to the motel we didn’t need any torch. The skies were lit with thousands of stars.

He kept on telling me to get off the road just so I didn’t get run over. I laughed at him being paranoid. It was real pretty. I was touched that he cared. He wanted to walk outside with me inside. Really romantic of him.

Part of me was glad we didn’t make it to Yackandandah first time around as it gave us a night together. Brought us closer to each other.