A crowd. Remember my post about me going to Montsalvat with an engineer?


Just recapping..

He was one of my string of dates that didn’t get anywhere. The first date we had coffee and went to Montsalvat for lunch and a wander.

He started out with so much promise until it all went down hill.

On Christmas Day he brought me flowers, wine and his CDs to play whilst we prep and cooked dinner together.

I discovered he had kinks and that was that. He wanted me as a girl friend as he reckoned I’m his perfect girl. And there were only 3 girls he felt connected with. A girl friend years ago, his ex-wife and me. He promised me if I’m his he will lock away his box of kinks and throw away the key.

As for me I didn’t. For one his divorce hasn’t finalised. For two he was into hardcore kinks like nipple clamping and Japanese rope tying. He scared the hell out of me with his kinks even though he came across as a gentle giant.

Anyhow guess what? It turned out he’s one of Mr Wanderer’s friends.

Last night Mr Wanderer was texting me to say he couldn’t pick up as he’s talking to his friend. His friend’s super depressed.

I don’t know what made me realise that his friend was the same guy I dated. As he calls his friend by his full name and I knew him by his shortened name. So I never made the association until last night.

His friend still adores his ex-wife hence why he hasn’t agreed to the divorce. Mr Wanderer told me he thought of her as special. He’s heart broken.

When I heard that and the time period that he’s separated and where he lived something just clicked.

As can’t be two people with same name and same situation living in Geelong? Especially someone with such a distinct name?

I then googled his name. And guess what came up? They both used to work for the same company.

I was right. We both knew the same guy.

As he’s super depressed Mr Wanderer can’t share that he’s dating me..his friend’s perfect girl just in case he sends him over the edge. He thinks his friend is suicidal.

The funny thing is Mr Wanderer has let on that his friend thinks he’s God’s gift to women. That he can have any girl.

And well I laughed. I told him look I got to ride in his hot new Mustang and well he lost me to you. You kind of made me fell dinking me on your old bike.

Mr Wanderer was like he’d love to share that with his friend but he can’t.

So for now we will keep us under wrap until his friend climbs out of his depression.

His friend knows Mr Wanderer is dating someone but don’t think my name was ever mentioned.

How small is this world? Moral of the story? Just because you own a nice car doesn’t mean you’ll get the girl.

I did tease Mr Wanderer though. Told him his friend brought me flowers so he’d better lift his game. His reply was flowers are for funerals 😩