It’s a big regional city just at the border.

He dropped me off and off I went.

The city centre is all done up.

There are murals everywhere.

How cool are these?

Even the utility box is done up.

I grabbed a coffee at Blind Freddy’s cafe. Took this photo below whilst I waited. The coffee came out with a portion of chocolate with the owner/manager opening the door for me. First class service that’s for sure.

I ended up walking around the corner and sat on a bench drinking it. With social distancing in place it was better to just sit alone with no one close by.

Wodonga has lots of open spaces like this for people to sit.

Since I had time to waste I had a browse in a kitchen store. Then wandered some more.

Found this old railway tracks and another outdoor gathering space. You can see the fence? They are still developing the space adjacent to it.

It wasn’t until the 1960s or even later that you could take a train interstate without changing trains. Back in the olden days each state had its own trains which all ran on different gauges thus it was a lot of train changing.


A craft beer cafe. Pity they were closed and plus Mr Wanderer was working so no craft beer for us.

I’d just finished taking photos when he rang to say his meeting has finished and for me to meet him around the corner so we could head to Tocumwal.