Whilst other states relax their restrictions Victoria is doing it tough. We’ve been rather naughty or rather we’ve had crappy leadership.

I mean I can’t believe they let people out of hotel quarantine after 14 days without testing them? What the heck?

And allowing protests with tens of thousands all in close proximity? No wonder people don’t trust the government anymore. I feel for the people who’ve lost their jobs. They’d be furious.

I mean what’s the point? If they can protest? We can party? That’s the mindset and that’s the problem😂 What do you expect? 😂

Victorians have a history of being free settlers. We are not like Tassie or NSW who were penal colonies. We don’t care about rules 😂

Plus we love our coffees and our food. It’s like life is normal again with people dining out.

Our numbers have exploded . It was 49 yesterday and 41 the day before. We haven’t had those since April.

I don’t see us coming out for a long time. What makes it worse is that other states don’t want any of us near them. Talk about outright rejection 😩

Their borders are opening up yet Victorians are not welcomed. I’m getting virus fatigued.

I’m over it! They are trying to contain with tracings and lots of tests for the hot spots. They’ve even called in the army to help out. The other states have offered help in the form of processing the many tests.


One thing for sure. Here is hoping the saliva tests are accurate. It would be much more pleasant than the nasal swab.