I’m tired and I don’t know why? May be two nights of bad interrupted sleep had something to do with it. Or it’s the antihistamine I’ve been taking.

Last night we went to bed at 9:30pm and woke up at 7am.

Mr Wanderer made me get out of bed today and we went for a brief walk before breakfast.

No sunrise this morning.

They were offloading their trucks.

How cute is this card? I made it for his nephew. E is turning 2 tomorrow. Apparently he loves planes.

I also bought him a book to match.

It’s a book about the airport. Extra cute. His mum will have to read and he just needs to lift the flap.

He said he’ll combine his play dough with my book and then will sign the card from both of us.

I won’t be welcomed at the party tomorrow. With us going back to more restrictions the Victorian government only allow 5 people per household.

So if we count his brother’s, his parents and him it’s 5 not counting the birthday boy.

His sisters weren’t invited so I am not miffed. I understand. Plus I’m not ready to meet his parents or them me.

He’ll spend part of the weekend in Bendigo sorting out his rentals. He tells me he’s hoping to be back by Saturday.

Previously we were supposed to go away and he changed his mind. Me? I’m not fussed. It’s cold and wet and I’d rather my comfy apartment.

Plus he’ll be busy and he doesn’t need me around. Which means I’ll have to find my own fun.

So better for me to stay put in Melbourne.

love this..uber uber cute! This was in the papers yesterday. Gives me hope!