Been thinking and thinking and well I’ve gone and done it. I’ve applied for a maternity leave cover for 12 months.

With hardly any tour guiding jobs I’ve gone back to protect my day job. This position will fill in my knowledge gap and give my resume an impressive add.

It’s two days a week to add on to my 1 day. I want to save up money for a deposit for a house. Either that or upgrade to a two bedrooms.

Anyhow the deed is done! Fingers crossed! As for us Victorians? Our lock down starts again today for another 6 weeks. A real bummer!

This time the whole country has ostracised us and have closed all borders. We are in it alone.

They are much stricter this time. There are road blocks out of Melbourne as the regional centres are still unlocked. They don’t want it to spread to our regional cities.

Mr Wanderer rang this morning. He contemplated too late yesterday to go to Bendigo to sort out his rental despite me hinting for him to go early.

He’s now grounded at home which is not such a bad idea since there’s load for him to do at home.

Stage 3 lock down means there are only 4 reasons for us to leave home.

1/ food and supplies

2/ school or work

3/ care giving

4/ exercise

Partners can still visit each other but that’s it.

It’s going to be a long 6 weeks!