I took off this morning for walkies as had limes to deliver to the guy that runs the Meetup group.

I didn’t want to join the walk today as I had other plans.

First to go to Richmond to have my banh mi thit or Viet bread roll. I planned to walk through our beautiful gardens to get there.

Then may be tram it back and go visit my cousin. Her apartment is opposite Southern Cross station which is on my way home.

Needless to say I got distracted and didn’t take any photos of the Gardens.

I walked and walked today. I think I did a lot of kms. Have to work out how much but I reckon 10km easy.

Couldn’t resist this cute rhino 😍 and well this Corvette caught my eyes. I wonder if the owner is half as cute?

From the front!

Another one I found before I headed back by tram.

Bridge Rd some parts are a bit shonky so it was safer by tram. I didn’t want to risk it walking alone. It’s okie. Not unsafe unsafe but just to be on the safe side.

Anyhow didn’t end up visiting my cousin as she’s got a cough and sore throat. I advised her to go get tested. She’s worried if she goes and then catch it off someone else then that will be the end of her.

Told her to go to one of the drive through one which will be safer.

I’m baking again. Rum baba for dessert. I added more rum to the syrup today. Let see if it will taste better.

Ready for my oven. After they are out I can go grab groceries. Mr Wanderer is coming back tonight. He rang before to tell me to plan for dinner at 7:30pm.

He still hasn’t rang as yet so I’d better check if he’s on his way 😩 He told me he’d ring once he’s on the road. It’s now nearly 6pm which means he won’t get back til 8pm if he hasn’t left as yet 😩