I’ve been incognito as I’ve spent the last two days at Mr Wanderer’s place.

I brought him half the slice to share.

I spent Saturday sorting out his kitchen. Took me all day. Taking everything out and giving the shelves a wipe down then re-organising it to look more neater.

He rewarded me with lunch and dinner. Lunch was pasta with tuna in a Napoli sauce.

Photo above was his plate as I gave him some of my steak. It’s mashed pumpkin and sweet potato and can peas and carrots. We made do to save having to go to the shops.

This morning I helped him bunch the clippings up for collection.

I also helped him weed his front garden.

Then we headed off to the IGA to buy eggs and bread for lunch. He made me lunch again to thank me for helping him with the garden. I had fried eggs, fried tomatoes with toast and avocado. He had his poached.

Washed it down with a cuppa and a lime slice.

After lunch we headed to his bedroom for some lovin’ and a nap. Hence why I’m buggered πŸ˜‚

Found this in one of his kitchen drawer? I sent to him with ?????? I think it’s a wine stopper.

Then I bid him good bye to go home. He was supposed to go on a bike ride but I think he got rained in.

Before I left he asked me to leave the 3 lime slices for him. I told him yes. I was going to leave them for him anyway. I think he got worried as I still had them in my container instead of taking them out. My thinking was I was going to leave the container there and he can return it next time we meet.

His friend rang today and he gave the phone to me. I was like what the??? Apparently he’s sick of his friend not believing that he’s been dating me. So today was proof it was actually me.

He’s very particular. He drinks loose leaf tea.

And his pride and joy? He washes it and oil it as soon as he finished cooking even though his eggs might grow cold.

Felt very special this weekend. He used his good cups and saucers to make our cuppas. The ones he hid from his housemate in a special drawer πŸ˜‚