I had a phone call from the doctor’s the other day. It was to make an appointment to see her.

I was like oh no. I asked her to order blood tests and also STD tests.

This morning I went to see her.

Everyone had to wear a face mask to see their doctor. One good thing I scored a free face mask 😂

My results came back all clear. My cholesterol was 5.2 which is okie but not my TG. My TG was 2.2 which was a tad high as it needs to be below 1.7 😩 so no more junk food and lime slices for Ms V.

To cheer myself up I bought a dwarf kumquat tree. Been looking everywhere for them. I also got a wind chime.

Took some photos for Mr Wanderer to give him ideas for his garden.

This cartoonist is hilarious 😂 King Kong has our premier in his hand 😂

Our numbers are climbing again 😩 everyone is anxiously awaiting numbers this weekend to see if we go to stage 4. Below are numbers for Victoria.