I walked to Bunnings this morning to buy 2 fire blankets. One for my kitchen and one for the old place.

On the way I went in to buy a bell for my bike. My one was damaged. I suspect it happened when Mr Wanderer popped it underneath his Ute.

How cute is this cat?

My new wind chime. It’s a B flat Major. Sounds very bright.

I’ve also planted my kumquat tree. The outside pot is my Goldies’ old home.

My well earned lunch after the walk. I did 3.4km which is a bit more than 2 miles. Doesn’t show the other piece of toast. At least I tried to be good. Multigrains bread and lots of vegies 😂

Don’t think I’ll have much for dinner.

Mr Wanderer is still working on his back yard. I think he’s doing it half arsed. He’s trying to build a shed on soil. He can’t decide to make it temporary or permanent.

Before photo.

After photo all cleared.

His plan is to join me tomorrow for some R & R and some TLC.

Our numbers are a bit better today. It’s down to 217 from 428. Fingers crossed it will stay down. Here is one fire we are trying very hard to fight against. Too many of our health professionals now COVID positive.