Hmmmm I’m still waiting. It’s now 8:34pm and no signs of my results. Should have known it was too good to be true. The labs must be inundated with tests. No way could they turn it around in 24 hours. Looks like I’m stuck for another day.

One good thing my sore throat is getting better. One bad thing my cough is starting to be annoying and I’m getting a headache.

I threw whatever that was in the fridge to make this last night. It’s cream of mushroom and bacon to have on my pasta. Ate it for dinner, lunch and dinner again.

One good thing about this second lockdown. Our CHO or chief health officer is an absolute eye candy 😍 he’s even got a following of fans..middle aged women like me…I feel for his wife..

We all watch the daily press conference just to see his face and watch him smile πŸ˜‚ Missed him today. He didn’t turn up for the press conference. He must be so embarrassed by his fan club.

Mr Wanderer said he’s hopeless. I think he’s just jealous πŸ˜‚ Our numbers were bad today 723 cases and 13 deaths. Up from 295 the day before. We all thought we’d turn the corner as we had a few days with downward turn of numbers. Guess not 😩

My area only has 46 active cases, the kids’ and Mr Wanderer’s area 55 and my parents’ 41. If you compare that to the highest hotspot of 651 we are doing okie. The link has our data for today.

I’m thinking I should get a lab coat embroidered with his name on it for Mr Wanderer. He’s suggested he wants to play doctors and pharmacists..

Mmmmmm missing him badly. I love sleeping in his arms.. I haven’t seen him since Sunday. At this rate if I’m lucky I’ll see him this weekend.