I was supposed to be at work today. This morning I woke up with a sore throat and a cough.

I rang in sick or rather texted my in charge. Then I drove to the testing site. I got there just after 9am when they opened and well I didn’t get tested until 9:50am.

They make you wait in your car with your engine off. Then a person came to ask for your driver’s and your Medicare card.

Then another to confirm your details with you again. I flashed my hospital ID card. And saw my form had a *hcw on it.

Because I’m a health care worker it’s a 24 hours turn around. I’ll know my results tomorrow morning.

The test was awful the girl went too high up it hurts.

Anyhow this morning I got stressed out so have gone online to do groceries before I left for the test. They won’t deliver until Friday afternoon though.

I should have enough food til then. If not I’ll order take away. Mr Wanderer has offered to drop some groceries by but I’ve told him no. He’s still dizzy and I don’t feel right with him driving to my place.

A new friend also offered. I’ve told her if I have to isolate for longer I’ll let her know. At the moment everything is under control.

My oldest is worried. We are a healthcare worker family and well if one of us is sick it affects all of us. The implication is pretty bad.

Now I know why people don’t want to go get tested. It’s a lot of hassles and made worse if you are a casual worker. Casual workers don’t get paid if they don’t turn up to work.

That’s why we’ve got the aged care fiasco. People were still going to work. And they worked at multiple sites.

The government have since brought in the $300 one off payment so people would stay home to go get tested and isolate until results.

Then another $1500 if they have tested positive and need to isolate for 14 days.