It’s a crazy world! I had to get my permit done yesterday. So that if I get pulled over by the cops I can show it.

I don’t have anything to show them if I’m going to visit the kids though? Or if I’m visiting Mr Wanderer?

The permits are quite strict. It lists the days you are at work. It also lists your work places so you can’t really cheat.

Today marks the start of nothing really is opened.

By Friday the meat processing places will be at 2/3 capacity. Not sure how I’ll be able to buy meat? I might have to go vegetarian? I’ve got enough meat for 3 meals up the freezer. I’ve still got a packet of sausages in the fridge that I can freeze. Also bacon.

There’s still tuna and spam ham in my pantry. Either that or frozen meals here I come!

It’s miserable here. I’m hoping to head out today for a walk and to do some groceries. Also some take away to cheer me up.

I’ve just postponed my car service. It’s still opened but because it’s like 35km away I don’t want to risk it. It’s outside the 5km zone and I can’t argue that I couldn’t have gone to one closer to me.

It’s frustrating! I’m counting down the days. The lock down will finish on 13/9/2020! It’s only 6/8/2020 today 😩 only 38 more days to go.

One good thing Mr Wanderer’s MRI came back normal. Hopefully the dizziness will go away.