I’m bored as can’t go anywhere.

I have rearranged my apartment. More so I’ve got more room in my living area.

Where the heater was is now my art and craft/office bench. I’ve moved the lockers in to close in the gap.

I’ve also cleared out my stationery/books cupboard to house my crockery. My books will go on to the wall divider in a few months. At the moment I’ve stashed them in boxes under the dining table.

Treated myself to some blueberries and white chocolate scone. That’s half a scone 😂

I’m at peace now. I’m going to stay put. I’ve thought and thought about it. When is enough enough? The idea of a two bedrooms apartment is tempting but it means I’ll have to take out a mortgage. With this climate if I lose my job I’ll be on struggle street. To ease my anxiety I think I’ll stay put.


This one is quite nice and around the corner from me but look at the price? 700-770K..I mean that means I’ll have to borrow 300K just for an extra bedroom. It doesn’t make sense?

Yesterday I told Mr Wanderer about my discussion with my tech at work. She’s in her 20s. She asked me if I’ve said the three words ..I love you to him? I told her no as I’m still waiting for him to say it. He laughed and replied so old fashioned 😂