Before stage three our R (reproductive) number was 1.75 which meant 10 positive person infects 17 .Stage 3 took it down to 11.

At the moment the R number is 0.9 so 10 infects 9. They are hoping for a reproductive number of 0.5. Ambitious? Here is hoping it comes soon and doesn’t take 5 more weeks.

I’m making a lime slice for the kids and Mr Wanderer.

Meanwhile he’s playing with his toy. It’s about 200kg. So he’s trying to make a hoist to hoist it from his trailer on to his work bench.

Someone commented about my writing on FB.

It’s pretty terrible..Looks like chicken scratch! PS I used all of the 2 limes’ zest.

Now this is much better when I do have time to shape my letters πŸ˜‚ sent it to Mr Wanderer for a read πŸ˜‚