On Classic. Easier to post I find.

Can’t believe it’s Saturday already! This lock down is getting expensive! I’ve ordered a Japanese lantern off eBay! It’s coming from Japan.

I have also ordered a Japanese maple. It’s a dwarf one to go in a pot. They will run it down to the hospital for me on Wednesday. The nursery is about 800m from the hospital. Problem is they open when I start work and close before I finish.

My next project is getting decking for my courtyard.

It looks small but it’s quite big for an apartment!

The paved area is 2.7m by 4.8m. Then the barked area is 3.1m tapering down to 2.4m by 4.8m.

I’ve decided to get decking. Leaving some room for my rose bushes and my lime tree. Mr Wanderer reckons my lime tree is too big for my courtyard. I’ll prune it back once I’ve harvested all of my fruits.

This is what it will look like. I’m excited. Trying to get quotes for it. During lockdown it’s hard!

Hoping to get it done by Summer.