Where did the week go? He’s in a meeting right now. Lunch served. Fruit cut for him to snack on..I’m in bed naked waiting for him.

One of his power point is stuffed so he’s heading home this afternoon to fix it. He’s worried about it burning his house down. He only came to me last night.

I’m more than disappointed..no walks no nothing. We slept in today..no sex either.

I love how he holds me to sleep. I love when I go up to kiss him he kisses me back. Even though they are little kisses.

Not sure if it’s enough? Last night I had to push him to go for a walk. It was only a short one as had to get back before curfew.

I did tell him after dinner that I wanted walks and sex! Not sure if it’s because I’ve got a pot belly now that I’ve turned him off sex 😩

..here is hoping this works ..”Come to bed when you’re done..need you inside me 😘😘”