Beans! I wish!

Though I feel better today. Going to head to the market later to buy some prawns to make garlic prawns for dinner.

My lantern arrived from Japan yesterday. I didn’t feel like even opening it. The sender even included some tape to say thank you.

I was in a cleaning mood. Was going to clean my shower when I realised my extraction fan wasn’t working šŸ˜© looks like no bleach for next few weeks.

It’s an inline one!

Only figured it out when I investigated . At least they had the common sense to install the fan right at the opening of the manhole.

I’ve contacted the electrician and because of stage 4 lockdown he can’t come at all! He’s only allowed to come out for emergencies.

Thank goodness I’ve got my little unit to suck up the excess moisture from the air until then.

Have also fixed my door handle. All it needed was some tightening of the screws.

As for our numbers it’s now in the 100s. We scored only 179 new cases today. It’s taken weeks to come down from the 700s a few weeks ago and more than 5 weeks since we were under the 200s.

We are all cautiously optimistic!