I’m not doing too well. Today I spent all day in bed or on my sofa. Turning into a couch potato.

I didn’t even go out for my walk.

I did eat though! That was breakfast. Mr Wanderer doesn’t eat pate. He doesn’t like liver or the smell of it. So it’s my guilty pleasure when he’s not around.

And that was dinner since I didn’t venture out of the house. It was whatever I could find.

Lunch was a chicken and leek pie from the freezer, cucumber and tomatoes.

I’m contemplating my courtyard. Found pots to buy. I also found potting mix. The only thing I can’t find is pebbles.

I’m thinking of these pots. I’ll buy different sizes and group them together.

Then these pebbles to go on the ground. The only thing is these are expensive at about $9 for 1.5kg bags at Bunnings. The smaller ones are out of stock.

I’ll have to source them at a stone place so I can get them in bigger 20kg bags to save money.

I still need pavers and a feature stone. I haven’t drawn it all out as yet. At this rate they will just be placed randomly 😂

This mob has them..


As for the water bowl the guys below has the one I want. Just expensive!! Ummmm I might have to choose between these two! I don’t want to 😩


And the lantern I want is in Sydney. I need to source it from somewhere in Melbourne as freight costs heaps. They are made out of granite.


I can’t wait for lockdown is over so I can get my courtyard done. September 13th can’t come soon enough.

Too many wants and not much money lol That is my life 😂