My guitar is finally here! It’s a 3/4 size as I’m only tiny.

I found some oil when I went to Coles for groceries and tried out his diffuser! It worked! And the light changes colour 😂

My new toy to prune my lime tree.

I had to click and collect 😂

So did Mr Wanderer! Don’t know how he collected as it’s drive and collect not ride and collect ? 😂

I came home and made a salad to go with my take away pizza. Been craving pizza but Mr Wanderer didn’t want any the other day. So both days I had to cook when he came over.

Now waiting for my lime slice to set to ice it.

My in charge told me one of our colleagues is leaving to work at another hospital so they are having a little farewell for him tomorrow at lunch.

I said I’ll bring a plate! And since I wasted my whole day fluffing around changing my bed, doing the laundry, sorting out my fridge, taking the rubbish out, weeding, click and collect, put petrol in my car etc etc

Lime slices are the easiest as no baking involved. No need to heat it up either.