Very happy! My holders came yesterday!

My music books are all organised. I wanted to buy some more for my books below but I think they are TOS.

Had to finish off my pizza! Bought it for $13.50 as they had a 20% off..this is my 4th meal..had it for dinner 2 nights ago..then lunch yesterday and 1 slice for last night late night snack and breakkie this morning!

It sucks living alone sometimes 😂 I’m waiting for a load to finish then will go to the beach!

We are expecting a sunny 20C (68F) day and after so many months our numbers have dipped under 100!! It’s 94 today with only 2 more weeks of stage 4 lockdown to go.

My rack is back outside! Yippee Doo! It means Summer is coming.

After 13/9 I suspect we will go back to stage 3 which still means stay at home but at least no curfew, no 5km (3.1 miles) radius and can go to the shops! Home deliveries are costing a mint!

There’s hope after all! Can’t wait for more sunny days! 2020 sucks big time! Except I did meet Mr Wanderer!