We are back with triple digits. It’s depressing!

The leaked draft for the state tells us we will be locked down pretty much until we get less than 5 new cases per day.

Which means it might be months! I’m over it. Over being locked down. I think we Victorians have been patient enough!

I’m depressed…can’t see us going away at all until next year. Intrastate travel is banned whilst being locked down! Let alone interstate or overseas!

If it wasn’t for family and friends I’d move interstate!

I wonder what tomorrow’s papers will have to say?

At the moment they are arresting anyone planning protests about the lockdown. No freedom of speech over here!

I never thought I’d be saying this! Being a healthcare worker and all? When is enough enough?

What happened to learning to live with COVID?

Melbourne is certainly not the second most liveable city in the world anymore! Everyone is unhappy and frustrated. Needless to say I’m livid 😩