To Nowhere! Melbourne is going to be locked down til the end of October. What a load of crap!

All I can think of is all those small businesses going bankrupt. How can they survive on months of lockdown?

Law abiding citizens like us are over it. F..wits of a premier and his government driving us into the ground!

We are the only state in Australia being locked down! How’s that? All because he didn’t use the police or the defence force to guard the hotel quarantine. Instead he used security guards! Untrained and that’s how we got the second wave!

Another 7 weeks of curfews! And 5km radius! Looks like a rebellion will be coming at this rate! F…wits..

We are going to have the longest lock down in the whole world and they didn’t even think about the mental issues where suicide rates are on the rise from isolation and businesses going broke!

All good for spending money on mental health stuff why not investing in jobs so people can have meals on the table? Get us out of this stupid lock down earlier?

Unemployment through the roof. We are going to be deep in recession. Wonders what the September quarter will be like?

I wonder if they’ve weighed all of that up against COVID?

I am all for suppression of the virus not so elimination. How the hell do you eliminate it when you have no idea who’s carrying it around?