Since the release of the map to nowhere the federal government has stepped in. Kind of!

Our dictator is under a lot of pressure to scrap the curfew! As it turned out it wasn’t called on medical grounds!

He was also asked to send a team to NSW to see how they can better their contract tracing to improve our tracings thus lift the impossible targets!

We will see if any good comes of it. At the moment our 6 weeks of stage 4 ends this Sunday.

My work permit expires this Sunday too! Have left a note for my in charge to get all of ours renewed.

One good thing at least the weather is warmer.

Ended up paying $85 for the wine barrel and another $40 to have it delivered to the kids’ place. They wouldn’t deliver to me as I’m too far away.

My car smells of wine! Waiting for Sunday for Mr Wanderer to help me get it into the apartment. My ex was nice enough to pop it into the car for me.

Figured if we are going to be in lockdown for awhile might have to just be organised and order stuff to work on my courtyard.

Wine barrel ticked

Pump ticked

Water feature ticked

Japanese maple ticked

Wind chime ticked

I still need plants, bonsai, moss, pebbles and lantern.

Apart from that I need to clear coat the bench. Japanese stain my table and chest.