I’ve pulled my apartment apart again. Well it’s more to declutter. Ummm well not really more like finding room for my crap.

First job is to sand my bench and re-oil it. I’ve moved it against the wall again thus that way I can hang the copper rod at one end for my pots and pans. Plus it gives me a bit more room.

Since my sanding paper is too fine I’ll have to go back to the kids’ place to retrieve the planer to sand it a bit more. The stains still can be seen.

Meanwhile had to find room for the microwave and toaster and kettle.

The cable ties came in handy! Mr Wanderer has definitely rubbed off on me.

Thought I’ll move the shelvings back next to the dining table as it works best there.

I collected my pot today. It looks quite striking.

Mr Wanderer sent me a photo of his pig face. It flowered! I told him he’s been a very good parent 😂

Managed to move my mirror inside. Finally found a place for it. I’ve taken it off its stand.

And yes more cable ties. One good thing? If I ever change my mind I just snip them off! No screw holes to worry about patching up.

In all I’m happy with my progress. My apartment is looking much better.