Yesterday after he cooked me lunch we went for coffee with his friend. And we all walked. It’s nice he’s including me.

I worked on his garden yesterday.

He finished it off.

He’s working on a trolley for his welder.

And yes we picked the ladder from a hard waste pile. He thought that might be cool. Me? I was like nah!! I’m still thinking what to do with it.

He tells me who needs google when they’ve got me? It was a really nice compliment. I’m always full of ideas 😂

I was on the phone with my cousin and she told me look don’t focus on him! He’s not your main focus! He’s your side focus. If you think about it he’s got a lot to lose if he loses you! No one to cook him yummy food! No one to help him with his gardens!

I felt so much better after that 😂

One thing that gives me hope. We make a good team. So I’m going to relax now and enjoy what we have. No one is perfect! You grow to be perfect for each other.