He caught me by surprise.

“Do you want something to eat when you get here?”

He assumed I’d visit him after work. And texted me before I had to ask him.

I asked if he needed anything and he answered no. I did go to the shops anyway. I bought berries for breakfast to have with our cereal and watermelon for dessert.

We ended up with a BBQ as it was so nice. I made a salad from what he had. He bought burgers and chicken skewers. And BBQ his potatoes and brown onions. It was yum.

Found his door nicely painted. He missed a spot on the top. It looks so much better. It used to be a funny brown colour and rusted all through.

This was after he wire brushed it.

We spent the night putting his garden seat together. I’ll take a photo next time. Pretty much one man’s trash is another’s treasure. The bench seat had coats of old paint and bolted into place. All it took was time to wire brush and paint.

Anyhow back to us. He’s trying so I’m happy. He did plan to go for a walk this morning with a client early as he didn’t know if I was coming over.

So we got up early had cuddles and breakfast and then I went home. I had to vote by postal and it had to be posted by next Friday.

Breakfast this morning.

Here is hoping we get let out on Sunday! Cases are down to only 6 new cases today and 14 days rolling average of 8.9.

I’m off to the city to grab lunch. Will cook tonight.