We are being released as of midnight tonight! After 111 days of lockdown here is to freedom!

Melbourne have had 2 days of no new cases. And no deaths.

From tomorrow retail and restaurants will all open. Thank goodness for that. Thursday I’m off to the nurseries! It will be nice to be able to have a sit down meal again and not take away.

As for visiting family? We are only allowed 1 per day. Ie 2 adults and dependents.

It means the kids can come and visit me again. And that I can go visit my parents.

They are giving us parole for 2 weeks until full release from the 25km ring of steel.

Mr Wanderer is already planning his escape! As soon as that two weeks are up he’s off to Bendigo to do work on his rentals, see family and then might head to the farm to grab his mountain bike. He’s loaned the other mountain bike to his house mate who’s gone to get it properly fitted!! What the?

I’ve floated the idea of joining him on the following Friday/Saturday to give him a chance to get his rentals in order and then we’ll head to the farm together.

Our dinner last night.

I made a huge pot for the kids’ dinner tonight. Only reheated enough for us yesterday.

I also started on my cards yesterday.

that’s all I managed to make.

Tonight after dinner I’ll head to Mr Wanderer’s place. Still waiting for him to reply. Driving to the kids today took me near an hour! Added about 20 minutes on to my commute.

I’d hate to think how long it will take me to get to work tomorrow from my place?

Part of me is glad the lockdown is over. Part of me is sad as I won’t see Mr Wanderer as much. I’m hopeful the last 3-4 months have cemented our relationship.