I know I’m free to do stuff yet I haven’t. I haven’t gone to the nurseries or sat down for a meal?

Today I’m hoping to go into the city. Just to look around. Feeling a bit deflated. Either that or I’ll drive to the nurseries and then on to my parents to visit.

Mr Wanderer has finished his cart. Bottom shelf is for his welding wires and his helmet. He just doesn’t stop.

We didn’t talk yesterday. I’m still a bit unsettled. Been crying.

I have my doubts if I want to go on with him. I went to his place to sleep over on Tuesday night. Didn’t sleep at all. Spent half the night crying.

He opened his mail and I leaned in. So he accused me of being a snoop and pretty much chuck the letter in my face. His housemate was there so I let it go.

Just little niggling things that’s been eating at me.

He apologised the next morning when I told him what’s wrong. I only glanced. From where I was sitting I couldn’t have read it anyway even if I’d leaned in.

Little things like cutting me off when I tell him things. He doesn’t cut off his friends when they repeat their stories time and time again.

My heart tells me to let it go. My head tells me “red flags”

May be he’s right. Don’t fall too fast as it hurts so bad.

I don’t know if I can let him go. I don’t want to.

Donuts from management on Wednesday. To celebrate double zero days. That’s why I love working there. Pay is not great great but we get fed!