His roses. Today marks 10 months of us being together. It is also a day of sadness. I broke off the relationship with him last night.

I came over to spend time with him. I offered to grab take away for dinner. He then said he will.

Found out later around 8pm he bought groceries so he could cook dinner. Oh and he’ll cook after he’s had his shower.

I was worried how late it was getting so I prepped. Cooked the rice. Washed the chicken.

His housemate came home. So the two of them were saying I shouldn’t wash the chicken. Rice didn’t cook properly in the rice cooker.

They just egged each other on!

Felt all night like I was the third wheel. He hangs on to every word his housemate says and pretty much dismisses me.

He watched one documentary after the other with his housemate. I had a shower made the bed and he still didn’t come in. It was like after 10:30pm.

By then I’ve had enough. So I packed up walked to the car rang him to tell him I’m going home. If he wants to he can come grab me. If not that’s it.

We talked and talked and he couldn’t see what he’s done wrong? Why am I out of sorts?

I told him I came to visit him. To have dinner with him. Not to watch TV with his housemate or share him?

He said he’ll call me this morning. No calls as yet. It’s now 11am. I did get a text Morning! Which I won’t reply.

As for me have gone back on Tinder and Bumble.

I’m sad but I think I’m done. Should have followed my guts and broken off with him months ago. Just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I loved him. Last night just showed the way he is. I didn’t want to accept it months ago. He doesn’t love me. We had fun yes.

I told him last night if he wants me he knows where to find me. And he’d better start at the beginning all over again and convince me he’s worth it.

As for me that’s it. I’ve had enough. He’ll just have to join the queue. Oh well on to the next candidate.

Having a coffee date with a guy tomorrow morning. He sounds okie lives two suburbs away. About 20 minutes drive.

Time to get back on the horse and not sit here feeling sorry for myself. When I’m done I’m done!