I didn’t end up going to his place. Was crying all night again. I told him today I just want to give up on us.

He said he’ll ring me later to talk. As he’s painting his place.

This morning I looked for assurance from Mr Boardie.

“Seriously! You give a great bj. And damn sexy body. Awesome Nipples. And yes I love it when you ride me”

Last night Mr Walkies emailed me

“FFS you are the most incredible woman offering him wonderful food ….. YOUR PRECIOUS TIME …. lots of sex (any man would be thankful for)”

Then what’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t Mr Wanderer want sex with me?

Every other guy does? If given the chance?

I feel like I’m at a dead end road. I love sex and well not getting hot sex or as much as I want? I love long sessions that lasts. I love feeling frustrated begging to be F..

The T-shirt says forever wild and cool.

The beach this morning. Another 8km

People enjoying the warm weather. Going to be 29-30C today or roughly high 80s in Fahrenheit.