Today we are released. After 9 days of zero cases and zero deaths the ring of steel came down.

We went from masks, curfew 8pm-5am ,a 5km radius, only allowed out for an hour each day. Only one member shopping for groceries.

To then 2 hours, then unlimited exercise and within 25km limit.

I’m so glad it’s all over. They won’t get rid of the damn masks but for now we can go shopping, go visit family and friends and sit down for a meal.

Mr Wanderer took off last night for Bendigo. He told me even when he reached the check point after 9pm the cops were still there demanding papers.

They let him through with his prepare for fire season notice.

He had his Ute filled with green waste. As there’s no fees to dump it in Bendigo.

As for me? I’m up early since I went to bed early. I might go for a long drive after I sort out my banking.

The tour guiding association has accepted me as a full member. I am at the moment an intermediate member. I just need to gather the paperwork for them. I’ll do that after my CPR session tomorrow.

I’ve finally got my will and power of attorney sorted. Waiting for it to be done so I can approve it and sign for it. Will forward a copy to all those involved.

That reminds me. I still need to do my advance care planning too. It’s a document that tells people what you want to do when you’re end stage or incapacitated. That way they don’t have to decide. They just go with your wishes.

It’s a bit morbid since I’m only 50 but better to be prepared.

My daughter’s birthday cake. We are anxiously awaiting her results. She’s passed the orals for her pharmacy exam. Today her written results will come out.

This year is a biggie. She hopefully will graduate and be employed. My youngest is sitting her VCE or Year 12 exams.

Next year will leave me with 3 adult kids and all in university or working.