I went to have coffee and cake after my CPR class. They seat everyone now. Not allowed to just sit anywhere.

As for CPR class we do practical bits by ourselves with social distancing πŸ˜‚

My walk last night

It was beautiful.

I caught the last of the sunset

The pier was a hive of activity. Fishermen and young ones and old on their skates , rollerblades and boards. It looked like fun. The music was booming.

I waited for him to call. He never did. Anyhow went to bed early so I called him. He didn’t answer so sent him a message.

He sent me back a photo of him having a drink with his brother.

So I went to bed. Disappointed. Mr Boardie said to me you’re in for more disappointment. Guess he’s right.

As for my kids we are having lobster tonight. My oldest has passed her board exams. She’s now a qualified pharmacist.