Found some cool books at the market. This one was dated in the 1950s

And a pharmacy one! From where I did my pharmacy degree!

My kids came over for dinner on Friday night.

I took them to the pier to go long boarding.

Only the two younger ones came.

My bike.

His bike.

Mr Wanderer came for dinner last night. He got back from Bendigo around 4:30pm but went home to unpack and shower.

No wonder he was nice and clean when he turned up at dinner after 7pm

Today we went for a long bike ride. We left at 9:30am. Took off to the Docklands then onto Costco. Following the trail to Flemington Bridge station and then to the Zoo. Passing Princes Hill to arrive at Fitzroy North to have a look at his friend’s new house.

After that we went to Fitzroy to have a drink at Stagger Lee. I had an OJ and he had an iced coffee.

Then we rode around Fitzroy sussing the area out.

Before lunching at this place. He loves anything to do with Spain! And South America.

I’m bad! I’ve cropped him out to protect his identity. Lunch turned out to be really expensive. As our beers were like $12 each. First time I had Spanish beer. Not bad! Went down easy as it was a hot day!

After lunch we headed back to Port. My legs are really sore. Have never been so glad to be home.

I nearly gave up near the Zoo. I had to psyche myself up to just keep on pedalling.

We got home around 2:20pm. It was nice to be out and about.

A map to show where we went.

He’s catching up on his work now. Then he wants to go for a swim at the beach. I’m quite happy lounging around.

We are having basil chicken tonight. I had too much ingredients last night so saved half.

Fingers crossed he’ll get himself organised so we can go away next weekend. We are off caravanning again. I can’t wait.

We talked last night and that’s what he’s agreed to. I was annoyed at him for not coming from Bendigo straight to me.

I can understand that he needs to get stuff done. Still this girlfriend comes after sanding windows and digging up concrete.

He was more agreeable after that and that’s why we are going away next weekend.

He knows he’s been doing too much work and neglecting his girlfriend. Though old habits die hard.