He’s gone home. He had to pick up a book for his brother close to his house by 11am.

Thus he left this morning.

He went for a bike ride this morning! It was supposed to be a short one so I didn’t join him.

Plus I’m recovering. My middle region is still sore. My legs are better. Have treated them with some Hirudoid cream to get rid of my bruises.

Whilst he’s out I used my apartment as a rink to practise my rollerskating. I can move okie now. Need to still practise how to turn and stop.

That way I can go skating with my kids.

All I got done today apart from my laundry was a bit of weeding and planting these ground covers. Hopefully that will weed out the weed!

I’ve still got to go plant my rose bush. I need to go grab a pot from Bunnings.

My electrician came today. He’s taken away my inline extracting fan. He tells me that the new one will arrive on Saturday? As he’s got to go order one.

Fingers crossed it will be installed soon. Which reminds me I’d better go and buy some Damp Rid for my cupboards.

Slowly things are getting back to normal. I can finally get things done.