We’ve had a continuous 21 days of zero cases.

The weather is getting hotter and the damn mask is a nuisance! We were walking in 34C (93F) heat last night!

On a brighter note I’m now a full member of the tour guiding association!

VCAT has finally replied! Now I have to go serve papers!

My room divider has finally arrived!

I’ve made it part of my kitchen. The big slot for my TV is still empty. I’m still thinking about it.

On my wander last night.

Saw the Myer Christmas windows.

Every window is a little story.

I was able to take photos. It’s so sad! Usually it would be packed with crowds and you wouldn’t be able to take photos.

And yet last night there was only a handful including us.

It’s sad that Melbourne is so empty.

An ad in our papers. Very poignant. Let’s Bay that’s Port’s Bay St. Which is a block away from mine.