It’s been baffling me. He doesn’t fall hard as it hurts so he concentrates all his energy into work. That’s all he ever does is work work work. Work can’t hurt him! Relationships does!

This weekend coming we were supposed to go away. Anyhow he’s just rang me to discuss about it.

So his thinking is that

Option 1:

We will still go away but he wants to be in Bendigo by Monday. I’ll catch the train back from Bendigo so I can go to work.

That way he can work on his rentals and then bring the trailer back Wednesday or Thursday to take the concrete mixer to return to his friend (Mr Nipple Clamper) in Geelong. He’ll stay overnight to spend time with him.

*I had 2 dates with Mr Nipple Clamper. I dated him last Christmas and then dated Mr Wanderer in the New Year. I didn’t realise they were friends until much later. When Mr Nipple Clamper found out he didn’t talk to Mr Wanderer for months! It just means I can’t come when he’s with him as it’s awkward!

The problem is he’ll have to leave his caravan in Bendigo and come back for it later.

My solution was just hire one from Bunnings. I mean a small trailer only costs $40 for 24 hours hire. Then he won’t have to leave his caravan in Bendigo? Or rush around like a headless chook?

Option 2:

He will head to Bendigo soon for a few days to sort out his rentals and come back with the trailer on Friday or Saturday morning and then we go away as planned.

Option 2 doesn’t work as he’s still got plenty of work to sort out for his day job and if he goes he can’t get it done.

His boss has been busting his balls and tonight he’s got a massive headache!

Plus when is he going to find the time to return the mixer to his friend? It will have to be when we come back to Melbourne anyway?

I told him look take your Panadols, have your herbal tea and a mint slice and go to bed.

May be sleep on it?

He’s just rang back with option 3

Option 3:

He’ll take his steel rack off the back of his Ute. Put the concrete mixer on it and return it on Friday night with the caravan in tow.

Stay overnight in Geelong and I’ll join him on Saturday morning and we will head off together.

Which makes more sense as it means he won’t need half the day sorting out the caravan on Saturday.

It means I’ll have to bring my stuff to his place to put in the caravan so I don’t have to lug it on the train. Including my bike.