But not stirred.

I was trying to change lane to let the fire engine past and well the car in front in the lane I was trying to change into suddenly braked thus I didn’t have enough clearance and let just say I’m okie. A bit shaken. My car though is another story. Tomorrow I’ll file an insurance claim.

Saw this on our walk last night. Or rather the night before last.

Christmas lights

Me lining up for banh mi. The line was oh so long!

Since banh mi is healthy I treated myself to coffee and cake.

Outdoor dining.

Alfresco! They are gamed as Melbourne weather changes before you can hate it! 4 seasons in the one day!

Good luck to them trying to recover after COVID. I feel for the restaurants or rather the hospitality industry as a whole.

A cool pub.

The other angle.

I came home with enough time to put the list together. All laminated and ready to go. I also bought groceries for the caravan.

Tonight at dinner I made a new friend. She’s cool! Young but wise. She lives in the next suburb from me.

She’s given me an idea. I’m taking down my photo wall. I’ll replace it with new photos of me and the kids and Mr Wanderer post divorce.

Time to move forward. I’ll also print one out and frame it for him.