A week. Was hoping he would be back last weekend but he didn’t make it. He rang me before to say he won’t be back til tomorrow or early Wednesday.

It’s okie as I know he’s busy with work and his rentals.

Apparently he’s sticking around as his mum is due to be discharged from hospital today and he wants to check in on her.

I tried to rope him in to a plan. I hate it when I can’t plan. Him committing to a plan is probably as bad as getting his tooth pulled out!

So the plan is he’ll leave his caravan in Bendigo and will drive his car back. That way on Saturday we can just go back and grab the caravan on the way.

By leaving on Saturday it allows me to go to the meetup dinner on Thursday and see my kids on Friday night. It’s nice that he considered my kids. I could always cancel the kids but I told him if I do he has to give me enough notice!

My friend J told me having Mr Wanderer as a boyfriend is like winning Tatts. I told her he’s grumpy as! But then J is 16 years older than me. She’s wiser. She’s more patient than me.

We have to go away this weekend as it’s the last opportunity for awhile. It’s nice going away. I love it that it’s just us and no one else. No other distraction.

I was surprised he suggested it since we only got away just recently.

Next weekend I’m busy with my friends. They are taking me out to celebrate my birthday. The weekend after he’s hosting his friend from Wagga whom we stayed with whilst we were there and the weekend after that is Christmas.

Christmas Eve I’m spending with my family. Not sure what he’s doing. I’ll float the idea and see if he wants to join me.