I sent him a photo of where I was so he could find me.

We left Echuca quite late as he wanted a hair cut! And then we went the back way so he could show me a campsite he goes to.

After that it was on to his parents to collect my pressies.

Then on to Bunnings so he could buy stuff for the rental.

He ended up dropping me off at the lake for me to go walkies around the lake or to town to buy him time!

With a view to meet me at 1pm for lunch.

I sent him a photo of where I was so he knows where to pick me up!

I know him too well this I perched myself on a bench with a bag of hot chips. By the time he’s found a park it was 1:30pm. By time we ate it was close to 2pm!

I went wandering whilst waiting.

These all came from one lane.

How cool?

I love them all but the one below I liked the best

Mother and chick?

The lane we were supposed to meet in is called Bath lane.

Apparently it was home to public baths, the Lyric theatre and the local pig market.

We ended up having lunch somewhere else. At a pub/bistro opposite the sourdough bakery. Can’t remember the name of it! He wanted the bakery but the line was too long.

After lunch we had coffee at the Anxious Goat!

We stretched it to closing time and he took me to the train station to see me off. I guess it was his way of saying sorry for neglecting me the day before.

My latte had a love heart on it. I bought him coffee since he bought me lunch.