I’m missing a post. I wasn’t impressed with him on our last trip. As you all know he had a COVID test on the Friday before we left.

It turned out to be negative. And since he had to paint the side of his house we left pretty late on Saturday!

After lunch turned out to be 2:30pm. He said to me he hoped to be at my place earlier. But don’t want to disappoint me if he was running late! Well he didn’t get to my place til 2:40pm.

He kept me waiting because he found a Christmas tree for his housemate in his shed and he took it upon himself to wash it instead of coming early to me. Told him he should have just let his housemate wash it!Housemate 1 Ms V 0.

Because he was so late we didn’t go via Bendigo to grab the caravan. We went straight to Echuca! To save an hour!

Needless to say I was less than impressed as I only had an overnight change of clothes! Toiletries and a few pairs of undies. Everything else was in the caravan!

Anyhow no coffee breaks along the way as you’ve guessed it! Small towns? Cafes don’t open late!

I was starving by the time we got to Echuca. Since I only had a light lunch!

Then the next day he broke the news to me oh Echuca is only an hour and a half from Tocumwal so he wants to go see his clients on Monday minus me! As his reasoning was that it’s only a small town and I’d be bored! And that he’ll be back by mid afternoon. Pretty much dumped me with his friend’s wife!

Mid afternoon became late afternoon by the time he got back. He wasn’t in a happy mood either since it didn’t go well.

Before he left I told him I’ve always considered you? Like how you had to work on your houses in Bendigo. How you have to paint your house? Yet you don’t consider me?

Anyhow what’s the point? It’s like 1 step forward two steps back?

My friends keeps on telling me to be careful. Sounds like he’s a confirmed bachelor as no one will put up with him?

Some days I think they are right! And not just one group of friends but several!

The question they put to me this morning was that he’s in his 50s. He’s not going to change . Am I going to accept him? The way he is? If I am are my needs being met? If not then I need to walk away?

Guess the answer is right there? But how do you walk away when you love that person?