I paid $70 for a taxi to get to work today. On the way home I took public transport.

I found a box with my name.

And that was what was inside it! Since we are not having a Christmas do this year work decided to send us each a hamper.

Kind of brightened my day. Today was a good day. Not too busy and not too messy. Just the right amount of work.

On the way home I picked up my take away since my train wasn’t going to come til 6:32pm.

I finished at 6pm. It took me 17 minutes to get to the restaurant. Then another 5 minutes to back track to the station. I had about 7 minutes to spare before my train came.

I got back to the city at around 7pm. By the time I walked to the tram stop (2 blocks from the station), waited til 7:15pm, hopped on one, walked home (12 minutes walk), I didn’t get home til 7:45pm.

It took me an hour and 3/4 to get home by public transport. Costed $4:50! As opposed to a $70 taxi fare that takes about 30 minutes! Well that’s stretching it! May be 40 minutes.

One week down only 3 more weeks to go! I miss the convenience of having a car. Guess I can’t give it up as yet.