I asked what my kids wanted for Christmas.

Oldest: a pair of work shoes. They are expensive Mum so I’ll take a donation of whatever you can afford. The pair of shoes she wanted was around $200 so I told her I’ll pay for them.

The middle: going out pants Mum or a belt. It’s okie you can have both. He ended up with 2 pairs and a belt. I also bought him some singlets as well.

The youngest: I got her driving lessons and she wanted a pair of jeans.

I think we did okie as parents. The kids don’t want much.

On Tuesday I took out my son to buy him his pants and his belt. He had a hair cut after then we had lunch and he went home.

Today I took my youngest shopping for her jeans. Luckily Levi had a 30% off since her jeans was the most or one of the most expensive! This mum is pretty broke! One good thing I got paid yesterday 😂

Found this today!