Days to go! And I’m not ready!

Still got to go buy gift cards for my nieces and nephews.

The adults are getting wine. Mum and dad are getting a nice bottle of port.

Mr Wanderer is getting a myriad of things!

Fly swatter, juicer and cupboard pulls for his caravan. A laser measure. Socks. Cuff links and a photo frame with our first photo together.

I’ve recycled my box to house all of his gifts.

Took me a few trips to find them! Found them in Bunnings today. Don’t think it will fit inside the box.

Safety first! Bought myself a smoke detector. I’ve got a hard wired one but it’s stuffed. Problem with them is have to call an electrician out and well for $12.90 I can get a battery operated one. Just have to change the battery every time daylight saving comes around.

Back to Christmas, the food platters are organised. I’ve ordered 3 platters of sushi. The oldest is to go pick them up at 4:30pm. She’s also responsible for carting her siblings to mum and dad.

Only thing left is me! Not sure what’s going on as I don’t have a car. I’ll have to ask Mr Wanderer tonight if he’s coming. I kind of said it would be nice if he came to celebrate my birthday.

I’m not sure if he wants to? And that in itself makes me sad. You would think you’d be there for your girlfriend’s birthday.