That’s where we had dinner. Their serves were humongous! We had a seafood paella and a spaghetti marinara. Nearly couldn’t finish!

He had a white wine and I had a lemon lime bitters.

He told me he couldn’t go to my family do. I joked you’re chickening out?

It turned out his family is f’d up. So he has to go to Bendigo on Christmas Eve to catch up with his sister. Mum and dad on Christmas Day then his brother’s on Boxing Day.

As his sister refuses to go to his brother’s place and she has to go to her husband’s side on Christmas Day.

Anyhow I bawled my eyes out again last night in bed. Not sure if it’s the lockdown, the car accident having an effect on me or my hormones! I’m pre-menopausal and the hormones are driving me nuts. The mood swings! Happy one minute and depressed the next.

Today I’ve asked him to drive me to my parents on Christmas Eve with my two plants in tow for my dad before he heads to Bendigo.

He’s still working out on when and how? Since he’s going to have a trailer load of green waste to take back.

Anyhow it’s comforting to know I’ll see him on my birthday.

Saves me a trip by public transport. I’d have to catch a tram to the city and then a bus to my parents. Not that I mind. Just needs my plants to them before Christmas.

On the way back I might have to ask my daughter for a lift back.

On a brighter note I received this today from Mr Walkies. He might be a bit bias but I’ll accept that I’m a great kisser 😂

Happy Birthday V.

These things come to mind when I think about you over the years

1. Down to earth

2. Fun
3. Adventurous 
4. Exquisite
5. Feminine
6. Sexual
7. Humorous 
8. Playful
9. Energetic
10. Humble
11. Tactile
12. Family oriented
13. Maternal
14. Studious
15. Social
16. Realistic
17. Practical 
18. Great kisser
19. Sensual
20. Submissive
21. Enduring
22. Outspoken
23. Passionate 
24. Emotional
25. Caring
26. Homely
27. Good with your hands
28. Intelligent
29. Sexy
30. Beautiful
31. Put your mind to things
32. Likes a bargain
33. Punctual 
34. Won’t settle on quality
35. A true friend for life
36. A keeper
37. Great cook
38. Sees the woods through the trees
39. Harmonious
40. Ordered
41. Forgiving
42. Puts up with a lot
43. Determined
44. Knows what love is 
45. Lovely
46. Puts others before herself
46. Great sense of humour
47. Great communicator
48. Giving
49. Quality person
50. Respectful
I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration and also a great Christmas with your family and friends. xx