Is watching. On Sunday night we went out. And of course now everywhere you go you’ve got to scan the QR code and register.

Anyhow it remembered all of my details and also all of Mr Wanderer’s details. I was like what the heck?

By registering they know exactly where you’ve been and who you’ve been with! I don’t bother with the COVID safe app anymore. Reason being I’m not in one place for more than 15 minutes. Most time it’s restaurants etc. Anyhow I’d better download it again now that I’ve got more storage on my phone. Better be safe than sorry!

Dinner with my kids

And forgot

I took the photo after I took the fish apart.We went to Thai Tide. A bit expensive otherwise got the nod of approval from the kids

Tonight instead of taking the tram I took the bus home. The bus stops closer to my place.

Only thing is the stop has no shelter and it’s on an isolated street. There was no one at the stop except for me. It was brightly lit though. And a row of buses put my anxiety to rest.

It’s faster at night and less walking hence safer when I get off. The tram takes longer and where it stops it’s a longer walk for me.

Port is relatively safe. At night if I go out I’d drive the car to the tram stop. Or else I’d Uber/Taxi home from the CBD or Central Business District..aka downtown just in case anyone is wondering! I’ve had tourists on my tour bus not knowing what it was!

Now I can take the bus home too.