His food is very bland. Our dinner consisted of a salad that I made minus the dressing as couldn’t find anything.

So in went the cos lettuce, cucumber,tomatoes and carrot.

He pan fried the salmon with no salt or pepper.

Then he mashed the sweet potatoes with some Siracha sauce and some garlic and ginger from a jar 😩

It’s nice that he cooked. So I rewarded him with a massage this morning. He likes massages.

Before I left for my picnic today I sorted out the caravan. It’s all good to go. The bed is made. My clothes are in. Just need to pack shoes and some T-shirt and shorts.

He saw my set of pots and he said it’s amazing but that I didn’t have to buy it.

I explained it’s for the caravan and it will make his set complete. The rest he can use with his induction stove. Plus it was 40-50% off. I never buy full price.

I could only fit a small pot and a casserole pot inside his cupboard. The small pot will be for our cup of tea. The other pot for us to blanch vegies or cook our pasta. It comes complete with a steamer which we can use as a colander.

I’ve also washed his water bottles and two coffee cups for his car. Managed to find an extra with a lid for me.

The picnic was plan A! To celebrate Australia Day. We ended up at the host’s apartment as it rained and too wet for the park. Had a lovely time as we are all similar ages and get on marvellously. I didn’t leave til 4:30pm. I got there around 12pm! It’s my social outlet. A meetup group that I’ve attended regularly. It’s more friendship than anything else as mostly girls my age! Well ladies my age!

Mr Wanderer didn’t go as he said if we are to go away this weekend he needs time to work on his projects/chores.

I was being healthy at work yesterday so we don’t snack on chocolates and chips. Tomorrow I’ll bring some more cheese as we still have cucumbers and tomatoes.

My kids and I tried out a new restaurant tonight where you pay $20 for a combo and you get a bowl of noodles, a pork skewer and a Thai milk tea.

We chose level 1 spicy! It goes all the way to level 7! It was spicy as!

My daughter has been there before and liked it! Not my cup of tea!